Navchandi Yagna

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Navchandi Yagna

Category: Havan / Yagna

Navchandi is durga puja done to make wishes come true. By performing the Nav Chandi yagna,the worshipper gets freedom from sufferings. There is puranic saying that there are only two gods who respond immediately to the prayers of devotees.They are Goddess chandi and Lord Ganesha.As per ancient texts, Navchandi yagna bestows good health, wealth, prosperity, food, longevity, fame, success, strength. This yagna removes fearof ailment, danger,defeat in the hand of adversaries, and pacifies the malefic of nine planets.

Navchandi Yagna Puja translates to performing a holy sacrificial puja to worship nine manifestations of energies that pervades the universe – Maa Chandi who is also known as Durga. Navchandi Yagna and Paath involves elaborate rituals that are undertaken to seek blessings from all the nine forms of Maa Durga to fulfill our wishes for a healthy, better and a prosperous life.

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