Srimant Sanskar

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Srimant Sanskar

Category: Sanskar Vidhi

Hindu Indian Baby Shower is the ceremony is called “Khoro Bhavo”, “Garbh Dhan Sanskar”, “Shrimant”, Or “Shrimant Sanskar” celebrated to welcoming unborn child. Hindu saints and monks have study many Granthas and by doing many years of research on existence of human and universe, they given 16 sanskar from which every human has to pass to make batter life experience, reincarnation and moksa.

Baby shower, traditionally the festival is celebrated for the couple’s first unborn child. In the festival women are invited as they could share their knowledge related to the unborn baby or pregnancy. The rules related to the time of its celebration are different to culture, time and place. It may include a full meal, drinks and Baby centered games. Even some games to determine baby’s birth and sex are arranged for fun and surety. The festival starts with hearty welcome to the unborn baby. Relatives especially women bless the future mother with abundant joys of motherhood. It is celebrated with great festivity, excitement and enjoyment. Like most of the Indian festivals the ceremony begins with worshipping of Lord Ganesha. Traditional or holy songs make the atmosphere festive and auspicious. Traditionally the prospective mother seat on the bajath( a four-legged, small and low height seat). Guru Brahman put a dot with holy kumkum on her forehead as a sign of good luck. She spreads her palav or khoro and women invitees fill it with gifts and jewels. They also present fruits, nuts, and grains that should be eaten during the period

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