Murti Pranpratishtha

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Murti Pranpratishtha

Category: Sthapan Puja

Murti pratishtha is a ritual invoking God in a murti by performing Vedic rites and chanting mantras as prescribed by the Panchratra Agam Shastras. Murti pratishtha is performed on the day of the inauguration of a new mandir. Murti pratishtha is a celebration often coupled with a Nagar Yatra, or cultural procession, and Vishwashanti Maha Yagna, or prayer for world peace. During the Nagar Yatra, the murtis are placed on beautifully decorated floats that are carried throughout the city in which the mandir is being built. Hindus believe that after a murti pratishtha, divinity enters murti. The murti is not simply an image but rather a living form of God. Pramukh Swami Maharaj has performed murti pratishthas in hundreds of mandirs in the last 50 years and instilled faith in God and murti-puja in Hindus around the world. The murti pratishta ritual is a beautiful celebration of spirituality and faith.

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