India is among the top 10 COVID-19 infected countries and looking at the population and testing facilities availability, it will be in the group of Top 5 COVID-19 infected countries in a short time. The Government of India rightly implemented Lock Down 1 to 5 in March 2020 to limit the infection and Death casualty. Some states have extended Lock Down up to 30 June 2020 while some have started unlocking in a pleased manner but one thing is certain COVID -19 scars will remain for a long time as the probability of vaccine availability is unsure in near future.

India is a largely populated country with 1.25 billion people and economic activity should not be stopped for such a long time. In these circumstances work from home culture and social distancing is ideal to keep economic activity alive. It fulfills the requirement of social distancing which is the only way to prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has advocated for maximum use of digitization since the inception of his government in May 2014. In the COVID-19 situation, the platform of digitization enhances strong form as an optimum solution on a large scale.

In Gujarati there is a tale “ Sukh Ma Sambhde Soni Ane Dukh Ma Sambhde Bhagavan ” this means In bad times people remember God and in good times goldsmith. 

During this kind of pandemic situation of COVID-19 Pandits are mediums to convey the desired rituals through various Pujas, Vedic rituals, Havan, Yagya, etc. This pandemic has prevented face-to-face contact between Pandit and Yajman at a minimum of six feet of distance necessary for maintaining social distancing. We provide all pooja samagri.

During the lockdown pooja, havan, yagana is not possible but the digitization era has solved this problem by providing e-puja services. Online pandit booking facilities are the best option to fulfill yjmans pooja by the video calls or you can say internet facility. You can Book Pandit Online at 

In this corona or lockdown time, pandits availability is just one call away. Panditjeeonline provides ritual Vedic pandit for the marriage with pooja samagri.  provides an online pandit booking facility, where you can book pandit for puja, pandit for marriage or any type of Yagya, etc instantly. Even the new trend of E-puja is now set in millennials and the young generation. Where expert pandit can convey and fulfill puja by video conferencing like Zoom video call, WhatsApp video call, and Google call where one can connect online for face-to-face puja and rituals.

Contact Online Pandit Booking during lockdown time. We maintain social distance through the E-Puja service.