The 143rd Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath is going to be celebrated on 23rd June 2020 in Ahmedabad. A holy festival of lord Krishna when he is going out to visit a city which is also known as Rath Yatra.

A chariot ride is celebrated in worship of Lord Krishna, but not along with spouse Rikshmaniji in fact it is celebrated with siblings Lord Balbhadra and goddess Subhadra. Every year in the month of June or July, deity takes the city tour “Nagar Yatra” with his siblings on 3 individual chariots. One chariot is of Lord Krishna, one is for Lord Balabhadra & one is for deity Subhadra.

Here the story of the making of chariots is very interesting. Chariots are built every year by carving of wood. Lord Krishna’s chariot is named “Nandighosa”, Lord Balibhadra’s chariot is named “Taladhwaja”, and Lord Subhadra’s chariot is named “Dwarpadalana”.

Every year in this month when summer is at peak and monsoon is knocking the doors, The deity steps out with his siblings and bathes in public, during the visit, Lord Jagannath and siblings stays for a few days at their maternal home (Mosal or Nanihal) here they took baths (snan) of holy water and prasad bhog of chhapan bhog.

Rath Yatra is celebrated in different cities and countries with their own beliefs and the temple’s own rituals. Millions of people join the Rathyatra, pull the holy chariot, and become a part of rituals.

But this year- Rathyatra 2020 will be quite different and simple due to coronavirus and lock down all across in India. A tragedy of coronavirus has already shocked and terrorized the entire world and it is getting spread from human to human, it is necessary to keep distancing between humans and not make human chains.

The government is very active and could declare some necessary steps of minimum limitation of crowds. The government will take some very important steps of precaution. Panditjeeonline provides details for the Rath Yatra. Book pandits for any type of puja from PanditjeeOnline.

We wish all readers- have a safe Rathyatra with proper distancing. Be cautious and be safe, keep others healthy and safe.